Justice League

So I went and watched Justice Leauge two days ago in the Cinema and I will try and write a review without any spoilers, for those of you that haven't seen it. I will start with the Actors. Each and all of them are really good and, even though I do not know anything about... Continue Reading →

The Taxi Drive pt 2

Me- I am deeply sorry for my suspicion. I will now tell you the Story of me and why I am here, even though I don't know myself. I am Patrick Claus Paolucci 23 Years old, a professional dancer, Artist, a fighter, a Cancer Survivor and a Wanderer on the country called Life. Lady- That... Continue Reading →

Da Da Ist. Wir Sind.

Da Da Is. We Are. What are we? We are Da Da. Are We Da? Da We Is. „Da Da Ist. Wir Sind.“ is a dance performance by Wilde Verwandte Produktionen / Barbara Bess a Dancer Collective based in Nuremberg. It invites us to be part of an evening full of Improvisation, Community and Individuality.... Continue Reading →

Playlist of the Week 3

From this Week on we will present you 15 Songs in our weekly Playlist. I Can't change (Macklemore Remix)- Skaz One From Afar- Scott Quinn Mr. Man- Stephen Diese Liebe Acoustic- Joel Brandenstein Hell- Olivver the Kid Warum soll sich das ändern- LOT ft Teesy Cold Love- Of Gentelmans & Cowards All Time Low- Savannah... Continue Reading →

Ikko Tanaka

Ikko Tanaka (born 1930 in Nara City-2002) is still considered one of Japan's most influential graphic designers. He founded his studio (Ikko Tanaka design Studio) in Tokyo in 1963 and a year later he took part in documenta 3.  His diverse oeuvre ranges from book designs and typographic experiments via art direction for companies like... Continue Reading →

American Vandal

Another Netflix Original Series I binge-watched. I will Start with the Genre this time. It is a Documentary, but let's say not one you are used to. We are following Peter Maldonado, a High School Student at Hanover High School, and his friend and Partner Sam who are trying to find the truth about a... Continue Reading →

The Taxi Drive

After a long day, rehearsal and a full Hour Dance performance, I walk out of the small Theater. I take out my phone search for a calming song and put my headphones on. A few steps Into the night i feel raindrops on my Head so I decide to stop the next Taxi that comes... Continue Reading →


"Mateluna" is a commissioned work by Hebbel am Ufer, a theater in Berlin, and was created by Guillermo Calderón for the festival "The Aesthetics of Resistance - Peter Weiss 100". The premiere took place on 28.09.2016 in Berlin. The work-in-progress play focuses on Jorge Mateluna, a former guerrilla fighter who has been in jail since... Continue Reading →

Playlist week 2

Here is our second week. Tell us what you like to hear and maybe your Song will be represented in the next week. Do you like our small collection or have anything to say just share yout thoughts with us on music.   The Truth- James Arthur Breathe Me- Jasmine Thompson Without you- Kurt Hugo... Continue Reading →

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