Birthday- A Hikikomori Story

This Piece is about a Mother (Susanna Curtis) who has to raise her Son (Johannes Walter) on her own. She plans a Birthday party for her Son, Konstantin, but he is to confined in his own world, which s the Virtual World. The reason of his confinement is his Sickness which is called Hikikomori. Hikikomori is a Psychological problem in which the individual withdraws from society for 6 Months and more. He is a so-called Loner. The Mother searches Advice from her Friends and his Father who left them but without any results. The inner struggle and fight, against his own Demons like the loss of his Father and how he would do everything to bring his Parents back together, a Fight for any human relationship that he can build, or even just exist. The Piece builds up to the point where his Mother can’t take it anymore and finally calls the Psychology to help him Cure himself. The Inner Demons are represented by a Man (Henrik Kaalund) wearing bloody and torn white clothes, which is his own head, his Father and Mother and also his non-existent Girlfriend. This Piece is not full with imposing Choreographies, but those little moments and Pictures, the text and the Chemistry between those Three Dancers tells a really gorgeous Story. Idea and Konzept: Susanna Curtis Choreography: Susanna Curtis and Ensemble Text: Karin Strauß Ensemble: Susanna Curtis, Johannes Walter, Henrik Kaalund Costume: Johanna Deffner Video: Miho Kasama Light: Johannes VoltzPic

kristopher-roller-188180 Picture was taken by Kristopher Roller

Text by Patrick Paolucci

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