We are still watching

Almost 50 strangers enter a room with 50 chairs surrounding an empty square which might be the stage. Everyone seems to be a little lost because the seat numbers are distributed randomly. After finding their seat a reader introduces the rules for this evening. There won’t be any artists or performers, no actors nor dancers. Just the audience. And the script. A script which will guide us through this night but will also force us to interact. Asks us questions and provides us inspiration. From time to time the roles will change, the readers will change and the situation follows. There is nobody who can force us to keep reading. But we have to make decisions, as an individual but also as a society. And societies have power as long as there are people who use their voice. Ivana Müller creates an open space and an offer, to interact, to play and to experiment, always open for the decisions of the audience. But how can you continue to be an individual when everything you say is already written? The most interesting things are the ones happening between this well-organized script. These little moments in time, when you don’t know what will happen next. A smile, a laugh or a glance that is not planned. Who are these people you share this evening with? What is their role, which relations evolve and what is only part of the play? The thrilling part of this concept is that you never know how the audience will react. Every performance differs from the one before. Who will be the readers and who will only listen? Can a few selected readers represent the ideas and opinions of the others? The only way to discover these things is to take part and raise your voice.

Concept & Text: Ivana Müller together with Andrea Bozic, David Weber-Krebs, Jonas Rutgeerts

Lights & Technical Management: Martin Kaffarnik

Picture taken by Elijah Flores

Text by Verena

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