Genius scientist researchers a perfect formula for something yet unknown. His Company tries to take the Formula from him and used it in their was which is still unclear (probably some villain stuff) but he refuses.
Guy gets out of jail. Got imprisoned because he stole, burned and destroyed things from his former job. Then he gets released and he want’s to quit being the bad guy so he searches for a normal Job which is pretty hard for an ex-con. His friend offers him a few jobs in the illegal business but he refuses cause of his daughter.
The Bad guy takes over the Company and introduces the works of the good guy. Yellow Jacket a war Maschine.

The ex-con wants to visit his Daughter on her Birthday but isn’t allowed to until he can pay child support so he decides to do a dirty job which is Breaking into the safe of our Genius scientist.

Long Story short.
Good guy vs Bad guy.

The movie has a lot of Genres mixed in, just like a Superhero movie should.
We have enough Action, the Bild up of serious moments is done gradually so it doesn’t come out of now where There’s the sad part which is needed for dramatical issues of the Hero. The jokes are funny but sometimes are hard to get.
The CGI is pretty good, a few minor setbacks Here and there but its totally acceptable.
The Cast is well put together Ant-man(Paul Rudd) plays bis Rolle really good. The only thing that I did not like was the villain because he was just Bad without a Motive (money obviously) but nothing really relatable.

This movie gets an 8/10 from me.
Cast:   Paul Rudd,
Michael Douglas
Evangeline Lilly
Corey Stoll
Michael Pena
David Dastmalchian
and a lot-lot more

Directed by: Peyton Reed

Picture taken by: Armando Tobar

Text by Patrick

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