Conversations Out of Place

Four performers and a plant. Isn’t that enough to say? In Ivana Müllers new production “Conversations Out of Place,” you can see everything and nothing. It offers a room to think about our world, nature, humans and what connects us all without telling us the answers. It leaves a sufficient enough gap for your own interpretation. The smallest move or circumstance can trigger our fantasy and emotions. The actors share their conversation with us using a determinate script as well as improvisation. They are all lost in a forest, the beauty of nature surrounding them and time passes. And passes again and again. It seems like they are trapped in a time circle although they never stop moving. Even though they move really really slowly the constant de-acceleration somehow produces the wish of rush while watching. We are so used to noise and hurry that it can be hard to follow a natural rhythm, to experience an ingeniously build sound space that together with well-dosed light effects and a developing river on the floor gives the illusion of being in that forest and not on an artificial stage in an old factory. Theater can’t always represent life or nature but it can help us to start asking us about ourselves. Asking us how we treat nature and if we destroy it. But as well if nature needs us. Or if we need her.

If you are in Leipzig or live near Leipzig and have the Chance to watch it yourself it is still playing today (3.11) and tomorrow (4.11) in the Residenz Leipzig.


Concept, Text, Choreography: Ivana Müller

Performers: Hélène Iratchet, Julien Lacroix, Anne Lenglet, Vincent Weber

Light-design and technical Management: Martin Kaffarnik

Soundscape: Cornelia Friederike Müller

Artistic consultation: Jonas Rutgeerts

Stage Assistance & Costumes: Alisa Hecke

Production: I’M’ COMPANY (Matthieu Bajolet & Gerco de Vroeg)

German Translation: Verena B. Ritter

A co-production with:

Schauspiel Leipzig, SZENE Salzburg, Ménagerie de verre (Paris), La Villette – Résidences d’artistes (Paris), Kunstencentrum BUDA (Kortrijk), Le Phare – Centre chorégraphique national du Havre Normandie


Picture and Text by Verena

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