euro-scene Leipzig

Today we want to introduce you to euro-scene Leipzig a dance and theater festival that will be hosted in Leipzig next week (07.-12.11.17).

The main theme of the festival will be excavations and in terms of bringing art history back to live there will be some reconstructions of milestone productions. If you ever wanted to experience Mary Wigman’s “Witch Dance” or Oskar Schlemmer’s “Triadic Ballet” first hand that’s the opportunity to do. But there won’t be only old delicacies to watch. Milo Rau tells in his play “Five Easy Pieces” the story of Marc Dutroux, a killer, and rapist, who did mischief in Belgium in the 90’s. He kidnaped several children raped, killed or imprisoned them before he was caught and sentenced. And in this play, there will be children (all aged between 8 and 13 years) as actors to teach us this as emotional as a political tragedy. It’s theater made by kids for adults. Milo Rau uses his young actors to show the story with those people it’s concerned about.

A total of 12 different productions will be shown in several theaters in Leipzig next week. As a little secret tip, the framework program should be mentioned, mostly for free but if you would like to avoid long queues at the entrance be sure to get your ticket before. We will report our impressions of this festival and hope to see you there!


Picture taken by: Craig Whitehead

Text by Verena

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