Leatherback Turtle

Leatherback Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) is the biggest Turtle and the only member of the Dermochelyidae Family. She lives in Tropic and subtropic Waters like North America, Carribean, South Amerika, India, Australia and much more. They can get up to 2,5 Meters Long and weight almost 700 Kg. They can dive up to 1200 Meter deep and get 80% of their way done before their lungs collapse. As soon as that happens they start gathering the Oxygen from the blood and muscles. Even though they live in tropic and subtropic waters they are known to have traveled up to 7000 km away from their birthplace. They spend their whole life in the water, except for the females which need to go to the Shore to lay the Eggs. Overnight they lay between 50-100 Eggs in 64 known places around the world. Sadly 59% of the Young animals die due to Predators such as wild boars, golden Jackals, and Humans. The really awesome part about nature is that the Incubation Temperature determines the Gender of the Turtle. If the Temperature is between 27 and 28,7 degree Celsius than it is a Male, if the Temperature is between 29,7 and 32 degree Celsius than it is a Female.

Now to what they look like: On their Back, they have 7 Plates that go Horizontally covered with a kind of leather. Their color is always blue, black. On the stomach, they have 5 Plates. Their Neck is quite long but cannot be withdrawn into their shell. They do not have any claws which help them swim faster under water. On the Head is a Pink spot which scientist don’t know yet what exactly it is but assume that it is needed for orientation.

I find the Animal Kingdom pretty fascinating and the fact that the Incubation Temperature is the reason an animal is born Male or female is pretty amazing. So today instead of an Artist I decided to show you something that is also pretty interesting the Leatherback Turtle. If you want to know about more animals leave a like and maybe write me what animal interests you the most and maybe next week your animal will be chosen.

Picture taken by Octavian Rosca

Text by Patrick

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