Jennifer Jason Leigh- Elsa Gardner


The Hateful eight 2015

    Michael Rapaport- Doug Gardner

Movies: Prison break 2005-2017

    Brigette Lundy-Paine- Casey Gardner

Movies:  The Wilde wedding 2017

   Keir Gilchrist-Sam Gardner

Movies: It’s Kind of a Funny Story 2010

    Amy Okuda- Julia Sasaki

Movies: The Guild 2007-2013

  Nik Dodani- Zahid

Movies: Behold my Heart 2016

 Raul Castilo- Nick

Graham Rogers- Evan

Jenna Boyd- Paige

Atypical, a Netflix Original Series aired in 2017. It has 8 Episodes with each Episode 30 Minuten more or less. I must say I binge-watched it, took me three to four Hours, but after watching it I was happy that I saw it in one sweep. Atypical is a Series in which the Main role (Sam played by Keir Gilchrist) is Autistic. It is a Series which Acts, for me, as a Documentary, a Drama, a Comedy and much more but the good part everything is set together perfect. In each Episode, he will talk about Antarctica, especially Penguins, and then compares it to the Humans and Situations he is confronted with. It is a Series in which each viewer gets confroted with a lot of perspectives on how each character deals with one theme, Autism. We See the Main Character which is Autistic and struggles with life as it is. We See each family member struggle in many ways, the overprotective Mother (who has reasons for being overprotective), the father who had problems with the disorder of his Son, his sister who is a huge help for him in crowded places like the School, and his Therapist. If you want to know more about the plot I suggest watching it. The Actors are really good at their Role and bring the Theme, Autism, to you in a very believing way. The jokes are all Kind of straightforward which puts the whole Autism thing in a totally different light, in a positive way. The music underlines and supports each Moment to an amazing extent. Overall this Series is a 9/10 for me. Everything lines up pretty amazing, is it actors, music, screenplay, the way it is filmed just everything in my opinion. I suggest this to everybody who wants a Series where you can learn, laugh and feel a lot of things.


Picture by Kyle Glenn

Text by Patrick

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