euro-scene part 3

5 Easy Pieces – Cosas que se olvidan fácilmente

Today I want to introduce you to two very special plays of the euro-scene. Both impressed with their atmosphere and coherence no spectator could evade.

5 Easy Pieces” from Milo Rau was probably one of the most controversial performances recently. The setting is quite simple, you have 8 actors who produce a play about the Dutroux Affair. One of them is the Casting director the others are actors. So far so good. But the incredible fact is that all of these actors, except of the Casting Director are children aged under 15. And their topic, Marc Dutroux, was an affair about an Belgian child killer, rapist and kidnapper. So how can these kids deal with such a dreadful story? Amazingly well. They change characters throughout the play, sometimes they are murderers, fathers or mothers, police officers or even the desperate victims of Dutroux. The atmosphere which is build is surprisingly chilled, sometimes even funny but there are these moments in time when you remind yourself how macabre the situation is. Like when a little girl is asked if she would do everything in theatre, even kissing an adult man. Or when a letter of one of Dutrtoux’s victims who didn’t survive her captivity addressed to her parents is read by a little girl of her own age. The relationship between the children and the adult actor changes throughout the play, sometimes they seem to be on the same level but then the hierarchie reveals again and it almost hurts to see how much power and control he posesses. Rau has the gift to compose a play which offers the opportunity to think about a heavy theme without drama as a dramatic play. He uses people who can identify with the story to present it authentically and he succeeded. It is thrilling to watch and for sure one of the best plays I’ve seen so far, but the question remains: Is it ethically correct to confront these children with the subject of child murder?

The other play I want to present today is Cosas que se olividan fácilmente” which means “Things easily forgotten”. It’s an object theatre production by Xavier Bobés. It was played in an unusual environment, the basement of a pub, almost in darkness. There are only 5 spectators at one time allowed and they will experience a beautiful and magical journey through time. To heed Bobés wish I won’t tell you anything about the content of this performance, the curiosity of the audience makes this play so very special but I can tell you that it’s really worth watching. I left the pub with a heart full of wonder and joy and a lovely memory of memories.

Picture by Dariusz Sankowski

Text by Verena

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