euro-scene part 4

Vangelo – The Best German Dance Solo

This is the last part of our dossier about this years euro scene. For this final session I wanted to keep something extraordinary. Pippo Delbonos play „Vangelo“ accompanied me since I left my seat at the theater last week. I was prepared to see exuberance and exaggeration but it just blew up my expectations. Vangelo“ is a play about the christian evangelium but it confronts you with Delbonos personal fight against it. He struggles with religion, he stages himself as god, the devil and many more while he leads you through his play full of light, music, absurdities, tragic and drama. It almost hurts to watch, but still he is celebrated by the audience. And most of all by himself. You hate and love him at the same time. Yes, it is always too much, really really too much, but he creates emotions and isn’t emotion something special in our times? It left me speechless, I really can’t tell you if I liked it but somehow it touched me. If you want to get a peek inside this production I can recommend you his arte film „Evangelium“, which was produced parallel to the play and picks up many of it’s topics. I can promise Delbono will always be an experience.

The other topic I want to present you is the competition of „The Best German Dance Solo“. It’s a yearly competition organised as a part oft he festival and has it’s roots in Gent, Belgium where this format comes from. After a preselection 20 dancers get the chance to present themselves for 5 minutes on a round table with a diameter of 7 meters. They have to convince a professional jury and the audience who both judge them. After two days of 10 performances each day half of them competes in the final round. The dancers have different backgrounds, some of them are professionals working in dance company, some are students or musicians. It’s thrilling to watch because the performances differ so much, each dancer shares something very personal. The winner of this years competition is Seung-Hwan Lee, a South Korean Dancer who recently moved to Germany and processes his impressions of this new beginning. I came to Germany without money, without a job, without friends. He presented his emotions so sensitive but with astonishing technique that he convinced the whole audience and won both the first and the audience award. Congratulations to all winners and participants, it was a honor to watch you dance!

I enjoyed my week at the euro scene Leipzig 2017 and want to thank all artists who shared their passion with the city. Although it was a huge impact to watch 2 to 3 plays each day I’m happy I could experience them all. I wish you all the best and see you next year!


Picture taken by Edward Cinseros

Text by Verena

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