Nils Frahm


Nils Frahm, born on 20th September 1982 and raised near Hamburg, Germany is a musician, composer and record producer based in Berlin, Germany.

He is known for his own style of combining classical and electronic music. He combines different Kinds of Piano and Drum machines such as Roland Juno-60, Rhodes piano, Moog Taurus and a few that are specially designed for Him.

Frahm learned how to play piano in different ways from classical Pianist as well as from contemporary composers due to his father’s connection with ECM Records (His father was a Photographer who designed covers for ECM Records.) At a very young age, he started to get interested in the quality of recorded sound, and he began to use mixing boards.

He has released a lot of different EP’s as a Solo artist, collaborations with Artists such as Anne Müller, Òlafur Arnalds, F.S. Blumm and Wookid and with the Band Nonkeen which consists of Frederic Gmeiner, Nils Frahm, and Sebastian Singwald.

Even though he released more EP’s in 2009 (“Wintermusik” and “The Bells”) his first Studio Album “Erased Tapes” and the song “Felt” in 2011 where his real breakthrough.

Frahm’s Album “Spaces”(2013) was a collection of various live recordings over a span of more than two years.

His most recent works are the two albums „The Gamble“ and „Oddments of the Gamble“ which were both released in 2016. What makes these two connected albums so special is that the music was recorded during eight years. His father produced the artwork used for them.

He also released two music books.
His first one “Sheets Eins” was released in 2013 and was published by Mannes McDade.
His second, follow up, “Sheets Zwei” was released in 2016.

He produced music for several films such as „Victoria“ by Sebastian Schipper or „ELLIS“ by JR but his single „More“ was also featured by the well-known game „Assassin’s Creed“ in their trailer.

David Klavins designed especially for Nils Frahm three known pianos.
The first one was designed in 2014 and is called “Una Corda”.
“Una Corda” weights less than 100 kg and has one string per key, normally each key uses three strings.
Another piano he invented is „Modell 370“, it’s a high vertical piano, Frahm recorded his album „Solo“ (2015) on it which is an improvisational single take. Together with Klavins, Frahm’s first project, of his newly created “Piano Day” was the construction of a piano called „Modell 450“ which is celebrated on the 88th day of the year according to the 88 keys of a standard piano.

Next January he will start a worldwide live tour called „All Melody“ beginning in his hometown Berlin and traveling through Europe and North America, many of these concerts are already sold out.

To finish it smoothly and with Nils Frahm’s words:

“I’m interested in how human beings react in certain situations, and what music does to people’s emotions. How we can change people’s attitudes with tones. After I’ve played a good concert, people leave the room happy. This is something we can give back to the world. When people feel down and like it’s all going to shit, at least we can give them some music and change their attitude so people don’t think it’s all shit…. That’s my religion.”

Picture taken by Ryan Holloway

Text by Patrick

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