The Mentalist

Once again a crime series. Yes, there are a lot of these but “The Mentalist” has its own charm. Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) is a desperate and disillusioned hypnotist, a spiritual medium who doesn’t believe in his powers anymore. He provokes a serial killer during a TV show, leading to the murder of his wife and daughter. Through his desperation he stops his work as a medium and starts to cooperate with the CBI (California Bureau of Investigation) in order to catch the killer Red John. His very precise gift of observation and Cold Reading help to solve the cases of the CBI. Cold Reading is a method to interpret the reaction and gestures of someone to pretend knowing about him and not a common form of investigation. He drives his colleagues of the police crazy with his behavior but by the time they close him in their hearts. The only one who seems to be always one step ahead is Red John. The killer starts to enjoy Jane’s struggle to catch him and plays with him. But who will win this game?

The story is told during seven seasons in total 151 episodes of 42 minutes length. Since its first publishing in 2008 in the USA it won the People’s Choice Award in 2009 and was nominated for several awards e.g. the Emmy or Golden Globe Award. It was first published at the TV Channel CBS but also at different TV Channels worldwide. Today it can be watched for example on Netflix but as well still on different TV Channels.

The main character uses a very catchy kind of playing, he produces a person who is at the same time desperate and shrewd but also very humanly and cheeky. By the time I really wished Patrick Jane could succeed his revenge and find peace but the story has many turning points and achieves to surprise you. Although the whole concept is based around him, I wish that some of the other characters would have more time to develop, you get insights into their life and I could even identify myself more with them than with Jane but I would like to know more about them. I can recommend this series, it’s thrilling and entertaining to watch, a 6/10 for me.


Patrick Jane – Simon Baker

Teresa Lisbon – Robin Tunney

Wayne Rigsby – Owain Yeoman

Kimball Cho – Tim Kang

Grace Van Pelt – Amanda Righetti

Directed by: Bruno Heller

Picture by Edu Lauton

Text by Verena

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