The Taxi Drive

After a long day, rehearsal and a full Hour Dance performance, I walk out of the small Theater.
I take out my phone search for a calming song and put my headphones on.
A few steps Into the night i feel raindrops on my Head so I decide to stop the next Taxi that comes by.
I wait for five Minutes, the rain gets heavier, and the Taxi stops.
I open the door sit in the back, lost in thoughts I greet the driver but forgot to tell him my destination, but he stills drives.
One or two Songs play through and I Fall asleep. Totally relaxed I wake up look on my phone and realized it has no more battery, then I look outside and the Sun is Shining.
Panicked I Ask  the driver whats  going on, he Smiles and answers calmly “In 10 Minuten we will reach your destination”
I sit back sigh  and ask  a few more questions:
Me- where are we?
Driver- At your destination of course.
Me- then why is it morning?
Driver- Oh, we drove almost 8 Hours.
Me- Who are you? I don’t remember sitting in your Taxi.
Driver- *laughs* that’s an easy question.
Each of us is only allowed to drive in a certain part of the city or the land, so I am your third driver.
Me- where exactly are we?
Driver- Boy, it doesn’t matter where we are in life What really matters is where you need to be.
My mind was shocked.
I didn’t know where I was neither where I needed to be.
After a few more Minutes he stops and says that we arrived.
I look outside and it seemed like a pretty rich family lived in the middle of town, so I look at him and ask him “What now?” he grins and says “just go, I did my job now it’s your turn”.
I open my bag and pull out my wallet but before I could give him any money he stops me.
Driver- You don’t owe me anything we are already getting paid.
Me- From who? And how?
Driver- Don’t get curious just accept it.
I stop asking questions and slowly get out of the Car.
I step out of the car want to stand up but decide to sit down again look at the Driver and thank him.
“Thank you, you are really Kind. I can See that you have your own scars of life burdening you but still, you give off a nice feeling. You are right about What you said and maybe I needed to be in this car
and Have you as my driver. Do you have  any advice before I go in there?”
Driver- Just be yourself.
I get out of the car, close the door and look at it drive away.
As soon as it drove away I turn around, straighten up my leather jacket, and go to the “destined” door.
I don’t know why but I just trusted my Driver and knocked on the door.
I knocked on the door of a huge white building. A building with golden Windows, lion lanterns on the Front porch but What it was missing was a Name.
Nowhere near the entrance was a Name so I knew really nothing about this place.
I knock once on the door and only the barking of, What I guess are two or at most three maybe medium dogs? Can be heard. No signs of a Person in there, but still I guess I needed to be in there so I knock two more times.
After a few deep breaths the door opens and a crying, shivering young voice answers. If I have to guess I would say, 18-19-year-old little lady.
Young Lady- *with a shivering voice full of fear* Who. Who are y? Who are you?
I think for a few seconds of What I should answer. I mean she will send me away for sure.
As  I am lost in thoughts she asks again but this time more aggressively.
Young Lady- Who are you?
Me- I am Zabuya Dreamchaser. A dancer that just got here and doesn’t really know What comes next.
A deep voice from somewhere starts talking with the young lady.
Voice- He is not lying but he his hiding his real Name. *suddenly the voice turns to me* Do you wish to speak for yourself or should I reveal your identity?
I step back and Start looking for the origin of that voice.
I look everywhere I could but nobody is there with us unless someone is standing with her behind the Door so I decide to confront her.
Me- I know somebody is behind that door so just reveal yourself before you accuse me of lying.
Voice- I never said you Lied just that Zabuya isn’t your real Name.
Me- It is in the Dance scene.
Lady & Voice- So What is your Real Name?
I think back to the Taxi Driver and the advice he gave me, just be yourself. So I Inhalte deep, and with the exhale I clear my mind of every suspicion I had till now.

Do you wish to know how the story continues?

Just leave a like or a comment and soon  if enough people want it the next part will  come.

Picture by Clem Onojeghuo
Story by  Patrick

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