American Vandal

Another Netflix Original Series I binge-watched. I will Start with the Genre this time.
It is a Documentary, but let’s say not one you are used to. We are following Peter Maldonado, a High School Student at Hanover High School, and his friend and Partner Sam who are trying to find the truth about a vandalism Act that one of his schoolmates is accused of.
Scott Maxwell who is also a student of Hanover High School is known for his obscene behavior during School and Class. He is known for drawing male genitals on the Whiteboard, doing whale noises and a lot more.
Due to bis Reputation and his image he is accused of drawing male genitals on 27 cars and deleting the Video footage.

The Documentary sounds childish at first and at the first two Episodes you might be questioning yourself if you really want to watch it, but don’t let it fool you.
Once this Series gets going in the next six Episodes you will feel how deep this Documentary really is.

Even though this is a Documentary in which we are following High School Students search for the truth, it is way deeper. It is a Documentary \Drama which follows humans, the decisions they take, the consequences they must accept and the most important their feelings.
You See betrayal, trust, love, and many more emotions.

I would give it a 7\10.
The music in all of the Series didn’t stick to me, and it all filmed by Students. There’s nothing wrong with that it just doesn’t suit my personal style I like to watch.
Overall it is a Series I can recommend to anyone who looks for something that will surprise you.

Have you Seen it yourself?
Who do you think is the culprit?


Picture taken by Pineapple suply

Text by Patrick

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