Da Da Ist. Wir Sind.

Da Da Is. We Are. What are we? We are Da Da. Are We Da? Da We Is.

„Da Da Ist. Wir Sind.“ is a dance performance by Wilde Verwandte Produktionen / Barbara Bess a Dancer Collective based in Nuremberg. It invites us to be part of an evening full of Improvisation, Community and Individuality. It begins with the entering of a sound artist, Michael Ammann, who prepares his playground at the left corner of the stage in pure darkness. Himself makes all his “Music” just by using his own body. It’s amazing what kind of sound carpet he builds, improvising all the time and reacting on the movement of the dancers. There are eight of them, four women and four men, partly it’s their first “big” production as some of them are still students.

Each dancer is accompanied by a puppet which was build during the rehearsal phase. The puppets look like miniature absurd versions of themselves, they represent them and their design is also recognizable in their costumes. In this production the actors are not used as tools, as replaceable wrappings for the ideas of a choreographer but as Individuals who represent no one but themselves. Different settings arise, solos, duets, group constellations and chaotic unsorted moments. Some motives recur like a circle in which one person is blinded and dances in the middle of the security of the others who will guide him and will catch him if needed. You can feel the trust between the company members, a strong feeling of community develops although they keep their individuality and differences.

I talked with the dancers after their last performance on Sunday and they told me they could feel a big development through the rehearsals, in their own personality as well as in their understanding of being a dancer. Each performance night was different according to the audience but also to their group mood and to the sound, as they have many improvisational parts where they react to each other. “It’s always a challenge” but one they mastered with flying colors. I’m curious where their paths will guide them as they are just at the start of their careers but I wish them all the best!

Concept / Choreography: Barbara Bess
Dramaturgy: Irmela Bess
Costumes: Anna Dressendörfer
Light: Sasa Batnozic
Decor: Alexander Schnell
Assistenz: Anja Gmeinwieser

Sound: Michael Ammann

Kirill Berezovski
Anna Liv Haumann
Luisa Kastl
Marius Müller
Patrick Paolucci
Theresa Roider
Rio Takahashi
Johannes Walter

Picture & Text by Verena

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