The Taxi Drive pt 2

Me- I am deeply sorry for my suspicion. I will now tell you the Story of me and why I am here, even though I don’t know myself.
I am Patrick Claus Paolucci 23 Years old, a professional dancer, Artist, a fighter, a Cancer Survivor and a Wanderer on the country called Life.

Lady- That is not a real country you know.

Voice- It is M’Lady you just don’t know it yet.

The young girls glares with Angry eyes at me and growls “Continue”.

Me- Okay. So I Bad yesterday a Dance Performance, which went really well, and after it finished I wanted to go Home so I took a Taxi. As I sat in the Taxi I was lost in thoughts and forget to tell the Driver where to take me. I Fell asleep and when I woke up I was already here. I chatted with the Driver and the only thing he told me was that it does not matter where we are but where we need to be in Life.

The Lady looks at me with intense Eyes, I don’t know if she believes me or not.
She looks up stares at the Sky for a few minutes and then closes the door.

I start thinking that it wasn’t the best idea to tell her the truth but after a few seconds, she opens the door again.
She looks at me with hopeful eyes and asks me if I was prepared.
I stumbled upon my own words trying to say “For what?”
She suddenly gets really serious, what to be honest scares me a lot, and says:

Lady- My Name is Erminia Whiteshard.
The voice you keep hearing is Leo our Lion lantern that you see above me.

Me- You are joking, right?

Erminia- I guess I would be surprised to if I were just a Normal Person.

I started thinking about What she just said and quickly realized that I am different for her. Why else would she tell me something like that?

Me- *I take a few moments to gather my thoughts and Start yelling* You are kidding me right? I am not shocked I am amazed and and…. Oh, my God, this is amazing *then I Start mumbling to myself* that is so awesome that is ridiculously awesome. I mean a fucking talking Lion like we are in Narnia or something and it is a fricking lantern.

With childish curious eyes, i look at her, while Erminia looks at me with shocked eyes, her mouth open. That strange scene was quickly released when Leo started laughing and saying to Erminia “Let the Boy in he’s a good one”

And she lets me in. She takes a few steps back from the entrance and with a Hand sign, she welcomes me in her House.
I stepped in and What I saw wasn’t Quote the view I expected.
It seemed abandoned. The Stairs straight ahead of me were broken down and you could barely walk on them, to my right a very long wall with a lot of paintings but all of them torn, scratched and burned while the Wall itself was just a mess of holes as if somebody shot at it or pierced it with something. To my left where two doors one of them was the kitchen I presume and the other one the living room.
I looked on the floor and What can I say it was full of wood and wall pieces, paper pieces scattered all over the floor, burned things that lost their original Form and color. And suddenly I looked up and What I saw was a masterpiece. A cylindrical ceiling with colors so clean and soft like I Have never seen before.
The glass pieces that made the Mosaik where like the most beautiful Church I had ever Seen.

I was lost in the picture for a few more minutes till my neck started to hurt and I had to lower my head. As soon as i looked down the whole room was different. The Stairs were whole again, the wood chipped with sculptures of Lions and Snakes, the floor which I stand on had a carpet telling a story which I couldn’t understand at the Moment with figures of magic, dragons, snakes, lions and much more I didn’t know about yet. The wall on my right where the torn pictures hang, where repaired and I could See all the people in these pictures. I didn’t know any of them of course, but the way they were drawn was Kind of magical. I take one last look around until my eyes meet Erminia.

Erminia- I am sorry you had to See the mess. Normally it is clean just like now.

Leo- *He interrupts her in the middle of the sentence* Miss Whiteshard tried herself in things she shouldn’t and had to clean her mess.

I refrain from asking further questions and just start to appreciate every detail in this room.
I move closer to the paintings on the wall and what really is curious for me is that there are only women hanging on the wall, so I decide to ask Erminia.

Me- Why are there only women hanging on this wall?

Erminia- The man of our Family hang in another room. Don’t sweat it you will soon know why.

Me- Is it something I should worry about?

Erminia- It depends on how strong you are.

That sentence threw me off. What did she mean?


What exactly is going on?

Do you have any ideas?

Fell free to share them in the comments.


Picture taken by Mike Stezycki

Story by Patrick Claus Paolucci\Zabuya Dreamchaser

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