H.R. Giger

Hans Ruedi “H.R.” Giger born on 5 February 1940 in Chur, Graubünden, Switzerland was a painter which died on the 12 of May 2014. His style and artwork were adapted in many media forms such as movies, furniture, tattoos, and record albums.
He was best known for his airbrush painting in which he linked machines and humans in a cold biomechanical relationship. Later he traded his paintbrush style for markers pastels and ink.
His father was a pharmacist which viewed art as a “breadless profession” and so wanted H.R. Giger to also be a pharmacist what he did not do so he studied architecture and industrial design at the School of Applied Art in Zürich until 1970.
His first success was in 1969 where H.H. Kunz, co-owner of Switzerland’s first poster publishing company, printed and distributed H.R. Giger’s first poster.
He also won an Award with his special effects team for the movie Alien.
H.R. Giger started with monochromatic, airbrush canvasses which were surreal, nightmarish dreamscapes.  His main influences were painters such as Austin Osman Spare, Mati Klarwein, Dado, Ernst Fuchs and Salvador Dali, which he knew personally thanks to the painter Robert Venosa, as well as by sculptors such as Stanislas Szukalski.
He used his art as an art of therapy for himself.
He worked for many movies in the special Effect department such as:
The Alien movies in which he designed the Alien and a few more things.
Killer condom where he worked as creative consultant and set designer.
Batman Forever where he designed the Batmobile but was not used in the Film later on.
Prometheus where he used a lot of his original designs.
and a few more
He also worked for a lot of recording Artists in which he either designed the cover or the Videos such as:
Celtic Frost: To Mega Therion
Magma: Attahk
Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Brain Salad Surgery
He also designed the first professional video clip of the German Band “Böhse Onkelz” called “Dunkler Ort”
and a lot more
He also has two Bars theme bars that reflect his interior design one in Chur and one in Gruyeres both n Switzerland and a Museum where his work is permanently displayed in Gruyeres, Switzerland.
Picture taken by Jezz Trimms
Text by Patrick

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