Ballet in Cinema

Today I don’t want to tell you about one specific play but about a possibility to see first-class productions worldwide. Many cinemas in different countries offer the possibility to watch transmissions of Ballets, Operas or Concerts. Pathé Live is a French contributor for event Cinema and has built such impressive cooperation like the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, the Metropolitan Opera in New York or the Commédie-Francaise. Some pieces are recodings that have been pocessed for the cinema but many are even live transmitted. The performances are expanded by interviews and behind the scene footage which enables an even closer look at the art. Although tickets are more expansive than a regular movie ticket it enables you to watch artists you might never be possible to see otherwise. And it’s still much more affordable than a theatre ticket (or even the travel to a world-leading theatre).

I went to see the “The Taming of the Shrew” on 26th of November, it was a new adaption of Shakespeare’s play by the Bolshoi Ballet under the direction of Jean-Christophe Maillot. I really enjoyed the vitality and inventiveness of this piece, Maillot cast and choreographed each role for a specific dancer of the company and even invented a new one, a housekeeper danced by Anna Tikhomirova. This additive to the story represents Katharina’s (Ekaterina Krysanova) shrewness, while she is guiding the spectator coquettish through the play and Katharina through her struggle of love. This production tells the story in a totally different but as well convincingly way than in the Cranko version, which was very long the only adaption of the drama as a ballet.

The next piece that will be shown in cinema is “The Nutcracker” as well by the Bolshoi Ballet, on December 17th, just ready for Christmas Season. To find out if your cinema will transmit it you can check

Picture by Adam Littman Davis

Text by Verena

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