Black Survival

Today I want to present you a Game.
A mobile game that is now also available on Steam for the PC but only for Windows.
A game developed and published by ARCHBEARS for Android called Black Survival.
What is this game?
It is a Fantasy- Sci-fi survival, real-time, online game.
You are an experiment and you are on an Island. Your job on this island is to simply kill the other 9 people who are with you on this island through simple point and click, searching, walking, fighting and crafting.

The Island you land on is divided into 22 separate areas such as the Docks, Slums, Factory, a Lighthouse and many more. In each area you can find different things, some things are in more than one place, which can be used to craft weapons, armor, food for stamina or health and various gimmicks.
Every 3 Minutes some areas get restricted which means that you have to leave that area before it kills you, you have to watch out for the stuff you need because it can happen that you just can’t get that one thing you need the most for your weapon or armor and of course it will be restricted after the time runs out until the end of the round.

On different areas, there also exist wild animals and two NPC’s (nonplayable characters).
Some of the animals such as a Gorilla, a Dog, and even a Bear are found randomly and can damage you really hard.

You have over 29 different Characters to choose from where everybody has unique in fight and out of combat abilities, not all of them are free but all are buyable through in-game earned money and not only real money.
There is a weekly rotation where you can choose a different Character even if you have not bought them yet.

There are 7 weapon types you can choose from depending on the character you choose to play. Swords, Pistols, Hand to hand combat, and a few more. Each has his own stuff to be crafted and depending on what you craft you also get special buffs such as poison, bleeding and many more.

All in all, there are over 600 things to craft on the Lonely island you land and try to murder the rest.
Each round is more or less 20 Minutes long but really fast paced.
The music in the background gives off a really good feeling of the whole atmosphere, the voice actors in the game are also pretty decent.
Overall this is not a pay to win game but a game in which you have to focus really hard and strategize your next move, because if you don’t watch what you are doing and don’t watch your life and stamina bar than you are bound to die quick.
I really recommend it to anyone who is thrilling to have a real-time survival, crafting adventure where each step costs his virtual life.


Picture by Mathew Macquarrie

Text by Patrick

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