The perfect world for me

Hello listeners,
I am still stuck and I can’t continue writing my story “Taxi Drive”, even though I have many ideas and I already know in my head how it continues I’m just kind of blocked. I apologize for that.
I decided to answer you a question I had a lot of times ” What would be the ideal world for me?”
As a kid I think most of us want a world where people have superpowers, maybe a lot of “Adults” also want this today. I too wanted this a very long time. I dreamed of a really complex way of living with superpowers. I thought that two young kids (12-13 years old) would bash through my window as well as in three more peoples house and just ask each of us 4 “chosen ones” what power you want, so I decided to go for all of them. I had a medium, in my case headphones, which have a special feature, my headphones had “wings” that you could pull out, and as soon as I use this feature a giant list with all the superpowers are shown in front of me.
I start with choosing one but the decision was pretty hard for following reasons.
First the fact that I had in mind a huge plans of what superpowers can be, such as, designing new clothes just with your imagination and it magically appears in your wardrobe or something absurd such as you can pull anything you want from magazine’s and that sort, for example, you have a coupon of a fast food restaurant where there are pictures of cheeseburgers, just put your finger on it and pull it out, you want a car? Easy as that buy a magazine with cars in it choose your favorite and pull it out of the magazine. You could do that also with humans, doesn’t matter if they existed or not. We are talking about an absurd way of resurrecting and summoning friends.
The second reason why it was really hard for me to decide what to choose first, and the most important reason, is that some powers had from 1-5 stars. What do those stars mean, that’s simple, each star is a percentage of mastery you have with this ability. Let’s take the example of the designing power. You start with zero stars which means you only have a few colors to choose from and really limited clothing styles, you want to design a purse, hell no better get that up to three stars. You want the color purple, no, first reach your first star. And the problem where the things you had to do were really long hard work. I had to design 15 Jeans, 15 shorts, 15 short sleeved shirt’s which all looked the same because you had only black and white as “colors” and one simple structure.
As I got older, of course, my ideal world changed. I stopped dreaming of having all superpowers, it changed, it remains fantasy based and the imagination is all the way up there. Nowadays my ideal world is a world where following things exist:
Free traveling to anywhere you want.
A whole different world where Technology doesn’t exist and never will.
A diversity of biomes, snowy mountains, sandy beaches, a land filled with waterfalls and anything your heart desires.
A place where you are extremely close to nature.
But most importantly, a world in which really a lot of animals exist, ones that we already know of and exotic wild ones. A land wherein each region you have a different kind of animals. From a flying snail up to an animal that turns into a shadow, or a wolf that drips liquid which can be used as neon lights.
I want to live in a world where you can tame each and every single animal that exists in my world. I want to explore a new world with my own eyes, hands and my own heart.
That is my own world in which I would like to be.
What is your imaginary world? Do you even have one?
Write it in the comments I would be happy to hear about your stories.


Picture by Jonas Verstuyft

Text by Patrick

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