The Babysitter Netflix Movie

Many young boys dream of having a sexy babysitter that they have a very deep connection with, but let me ask you this.
What if your babysitter, that you obviously find attractive mentally as well as physically, is the leader of a Satan-worshiping cult? And if that wasn’t enough they want your blood?
That is the overall concept of The Babysitter, a Netflix 2017 original movie.
The movie begins pretty chill, you get to know some of the characters, at least the most important, and you start questioning the movie from the beginning till the end, at least I did.
It is a comedy\Horror mix with a lot of gore, not many jumpscares but really just gore. The comedy parts don’t really make me laugh just wondering what kind of movie this is.
What I did not like about this movie was that everything was just so totally over the top. I can see that many people like it but it just doesn’t sit right with me at least this time.
The cast was chosen pretty good. They fit pretty good in their roles, no matter if villain or friend, and their acting was also very fitting for this movie. In this movie, you could see really famous faces like:

Bella Thorne which is known from the Disney series Shake it Up-2010-2013

Samara Weaving from the movie Monster Trucks 2016

Robbie Amell known from the Series The flash where he played Firestorm 2014

Judah Lewis known from the movie Demolition 2015

King Bach known from the app vine where he was famous

Emily Alyn Lind from the movie Lights out 2016

Hana Mae Lee from the Pitch Perfect trilogy

It was produced and directed by McG, Joseph McGinty Nichol, a Director who started with music videos with which he won many awards and later with movies such as Charlies Angels or Terminator Salvation.

The music was made by Douglas Pipes, who also did the music for movies like Monster House(2006) and Barbie: Mariposa 2013, and Photek.

If you like absurd movies than I suggest you watch this movie but if you want something more serious than better not watch it.
For me, this movie was a 4\10.


Picture by Clement M.

Text by Patrick

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