Marteria- Rosswal Tour

So this Tuesday I was at my first ever music Concert. It was am Artist which I really like, Marteria, a German Hip-Hop Artist. How do I Start this?
The atmosphere in The Nuremberger Arena was in the beginning very stiff. DJs played music in the Background but it was just sound not really something understandable since everyone was talking really loud. Then, after two Hours of waiting, the lights turned off and everyone just freaked out until they realized it wasn’t Marteria, not yet. The first one to arrive on Sage was the pre-Band Kid Simius.Their music was electronic, a bit of an 80-90 root mixed with a soundboard, a DJ mix Pult, an electric guitar, an electrical Drum, a Loopstation, a cow Bell, a melodica and a theremin.
I found the music interesting at first but the next five to ten Minutes where, in my opinion, pretty repetitive and I don’t say that other artists do not repeat the same stuff they just put it in a better bundle for me.
What I really liked about them was their light show. The effects they used were pretty amazing.
After half an hour they finished and half an hour later the main artist was on stage. Marteria.
Not even ten seconds into the song and the crowd went crazy. He opened the concert with the first song of his new album, and from the first moment, you could see the experience he has. His presence was stunning, no matter where you were you could see and feel him and the projections were on point.
Each and every song was a different color combination, a new projection on the background and the light effects were, for me, flawless.
His music is on tape really good but in my opinion, he is live much better. Some songs were too intense and kind of ruined the mood of the song, and sometimes it was this intense tower pushing the music exactly where it needs to be.
His projections started from simple screen loading, in a basic black with a few glitches, moved up to real-time videos, with the theme that fitted that lyric, to stationery same image with just a little bit of movement, to many cartoon images animated really good, till it just exploded in color and movement with the End a Lama jumping through the screen in the colors of the rainbow.
The audience just followed the rhythm he gave us and many people lost their shirts this day.
The lights were musically and colorful, the movement was unpredictable but still smooth as hell, which for me as a dancer is pretty interesting. Marteria is also known as Marsimoto so of course, he also performed a few songs as Marsimoto.
Marsimoto’s theme is green so needless to say the whole stage was lit green, green lights, green smoke, green background. I do not really listen to Marsimoto myself but just the show that he gave the Audience and that feeling were really impressive and I respect that a lot.

Overall for me, this concert was the first one ever and I enjoyed it. It was really pretty but also gave you a lot of feelings which are hard to describe. It was a thing of the moment. Would I go again if I have the chance? Definitely yes. Do I recommend you listen to his songs, even though they are in German, yes I do.

Picture by Drew Hays

Text by Patrick



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