Taxi Drive pt 3

Finally my blockade is released and so I can now proudly present you the continuation of my story. Hope you guys enjoy it.


I wanted to ask so many questions, I was completely lost. I didn’t know where exactly I was, who this girl was, why I was here, just everything happened so fast that I couldn’t comprehend the situation I was stuck.
So I closed my eyes took a deep breath and got ready to ask any questions I had in mind by before I could even open my eyes I felt her Hand grabbing me and just pulling me.
Panicked I open my eyes and ask her.

Me- What is going on? Where are you bringing me? Let me settle down a bit.

Erminia stops abruptly looks me deep In the eyes and with the determination of the most powerful warrior in her eyes she tells me ” We don’t have enough time for questions, not yet”

I let go of her arm relax and ask her kindly if I at least could put my bag somewhere here so that I could walk more freely. Luckily she let me throw my bag on the floor and continued dragging me towards a wall.
She let’s go of me right in front of the wall and started searching for something in her pocket.

Me- *with a childish glance in my eyes* This wall is magical right?
Does the door just appear?
No, the wall will slide up when you say the right words.
Hmm, even better. You must lean against the wall and then it turns.

Erminia just stands there watching me touching and searching the wall for any kind of button and talking a lot of nonsense trying to find out the “magic” words to open that door wall.
She starts laughing really hard.
I stop what I was doing and look in her direction. I quickly realized that I was pretty dumb because on my right side was an obvious door, nothing special, just an old wooden door which she opened with a pretty basic key.
The embarrassment and shame I felt at this moment cannot be described.

She opens the door completely. I take a look at what lies behind the door.
It was scary because it was lit pretty badly but you could still see the white marble of what the Stairs Werke made.I take a step closer, as I stepped even closer I could hear a very faint rhythm which seemed pretty far away for me at that time. I looked at Erminia with a big question mark on my face but she responded with a simple gesture that I should go on, so I did. I tried looking around but it was too dark for me to see, the only visible thing for me was the bright, white, marble floor which I was walking on. So lost in thoughts I didn’t realize that I was walking alone. Erminia just stood at the entrance watching me.
I was confused, so I wanted to turn around and return to the entrance but I couldn’t. The marble floor grew into a wall in front of me so fast, that I fell on the floor from the pressure. After a few deep breaths I stood up slowly because you just never know what will hit you next in here, I looked around just to see a Giant circle of white marble surrounding me. I moved closer to one side and slowly moved my hand closer to the wall, with each millimeter I moved my hand closer I heard the same rhythm I heard before but it grew louder and louder until it came to me. That rhythm was just the Music of my last Show, but why would it play now?
Even though I was wondering I also had this sad feeling inside of me, I couldn’t explain it, it was just existing, living in my chest so I sat down leaning my back against the rhythm humming, white marble wall, closed my eyes and just stopped thinking of anything and anyone, just feeling the rhythm with each body part that touched that wall.
As I opened my eyes only the wall behind me was left, all the others walls just vanished and turned into a staircase. I looked around once more because I had the feeling that I am missing something and I was right. On each side of the staircase, every three stairs, there was a lantern with an animal head that I just didn’t know and I also couldn’t see clearly in this dim light. But what was clearly visible where the flames in each lantern and they danced. Not the kind of dance that nature allows us to see, when a slight breeze of air meets the flickering echo of what we see as something terrible or amazing, it was a real dance. You could see that the flames have taken the form of humans and danced. I couldn’t stop watching. Something in this wonderful Art of a Flame dancing stopped me from moving on until I hear a slithering sound followed by fast steps. I turn around and see Erminia in a Robe running towards me. She looks me deep in the eye and tells me :

Erminia: I will protect you but I can and will not promise you that you won’t die today.


Picture by Atanas Theodosiev

Text by Patrick

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