The first part of my life. Patrick

I want you to get to knwome so I decided to tell you  a little bit about me.
If you want to know more let me know with likes or even a comment I would gladly tell you more about me.



My Name is Patrick Claus Paolucci and I am 23 years old and born in Germany.
My Parents wanted to leave Germany because of health issues, so they started driving. With two kids in the back seats, my parents wanted to drive to Italy but got hindered at the border at the Czech Republic due to the War that was ongoing at that time so new plans had to come.
They decided to take the ferry to the Island Crete, Greece and due to the bad weather, I got 2 years old on the ferry.
So I grew up in Greece where I lived and went to school.
The school I went to was an Art school (Καλλιτεχνικο Σχολειο Ηρακλειου) of which only three exist in whole Greece. What makes this Art school so special is that you not only have every normal subject you need to learn but also subjects such as Art, Theater, and dance where you have to decide for one main Subject. I chose theater, in which we learned everything we could about costumes, singing, monologues and even the right presence on stage.
When I was 13 years old I wanted to start Martial Arts, but literally, nobody accepted since I had no knowledge at all and it was the middle of the year so I started dancing, to be more precise Hip Hop but only Choreographies.
What I loved, and still love about dance, is that I finally was accepted for who I was. In school and at home I was pretty introverted but through dance classes, I got more confident.
Now I dance 9 years in total and I have been through a few styles, what is pretty good in my opinion. Some of them are Hip Hop freestyle and Choreographies, House, Locking, Popping, Breaking, Contemporary (lyrical), Contemporary (abstract), Classical Ballett, Tap Dance, Capoeira, Reaggetton, and Jazz. 2012 I did my first two own choreographies which were performed at my graduation. I decided that after I graduate I wanted to move to Germany and study theater in Hamburg. When I arrived there I understood that what I really wanted, Dance so we took the last bit of money we had and drove to Essen where I hoped to get into the Folkwang but that was just the beginning of a pretty crazy journey.


Picture by Vincent Mak photography

Text by Patrick

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