La Melodie (contains spoilers)

Today I will not be kind to this movie.
I have only once slept in cinema because the movie really bored me and that was in the movie Child 44 and that is okay sometimes but this movie got me beyond sleeping I will now explain to you why.
The story is pretty simple to grasp. A violinist has no jobs at the moment in any orchestra so he starts teaching children in a French school. These kids have never really heard classical music and are the kind of kids who are trouble. Then a new talented student comes to the class and later unites the class so they get to play well. Long story short it is absolutely nothing new. Why I still went to the cinema and watched it? Easy to answer, because the trailer looked really promising. I was wrong. I watched the movie in German so it may be that the voice actors in German kind of ruined the feelings each actor wanted to show but to tell you the truth I watched the French trailer and their voices did not sound any better at all. The emotions every actor wanted to show was really fake for me, each tear was only a medium to try and push the viewer to feel something and now I will present you the main reason why I hated this movie so much. The editing and the storytelling were done with hardly any heart and soul. You get hit with so much random shit that you just think where the Hell did that come from?
Out of nowhere, the main Kid asks his mother where his Father is and the mother just brushes of that question with such a boredom that I couldn’t really feel the hurting as the audience. In one scene he is one step from going on a tour with his friend and he talks with the teacher about it, then you see parents scheming something because the classroom burned down, so each parent gave something so they have a new room to practice in, and then out of nowhere you see a scene where the main actor talks with the main kid and the kid asks the teacher: Are you going to leave? And he answers yes, but one cut later you see the musician passionately working with the parents to fix the practice room. And at the end comes the most boring and unnecessary shot in the whole movie. 2-3 Minutes you just see the kids standing in a blue hallway wearing really ugly grey shirts and holding their Instruments only to show us that they are waiting for their big performance? I could think of many better ways that could have been done.
I don’t regret watching this movie but I don’t recommend it at all. I don’t even want to rate it. I found this movie really bad. The lack of music for a music-based movie, the actors ho had of expression and couldn’t even pull that through, the unnecessary cuts and editing and the whole foreseen story are for me the main criteria this movie was not good at all.


Picture by Chuttersnap

Text by Patrick

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