Flic Flac

Acrobats, Motorcycle stunts, Flexible Dancers are all part of a German circus called Flic Flac. It was all the idea of Benno and Lothar Kastein, ex-artists, who decided to create a circus that was completely different to what the world knew to the point of the premiere which was October 5, 1989, in Oberhausen.
Since this day the tour and have Christmas special shows in various selected towns such as Nürnberg. I decided to buy two cards, for me and my mother, as a Christmas present because my mother really likes things like that. We also had pretty good places for a really low price which kind of surprised me but I was happy. The stage was pretty big and on my right side was the whole team of technicians prepared for everything and preparing everything each and every second. The show started with a small choreography and a light show which was okay but there also was the first mistake. Four female dancers were underneath a cloth that covered the whole stage, three of them managed to get out in time and simultaneously but one single lady struggled and got stuck, it was pretty funny for me but it kind of ruined the mood at the very beginning. Then the first act came. Something like a giant scale, at each end two holes where people could stand in which they did, and then it started turning around and around and around and they performed inside of the “holes” until they decide to take it a step further and went on the “wheels” (which means there was nothing they could hold on to if anything went wrong and trust me it went wrong, almost). They were on top while it was spinning and then they start rope skipping in a height where every normal human would be afraid of standing still and there it happened, one of the acrobats stumbled because the skipping rope got messed up in his feet. The audience gasps in unison. He tries again the same thing, he stumbles again. I couldn’t stand watching, it just made me crazy. The show moved on and later everything went as planned, at least I couldn’t see anything.
I don’t want to say too much because this show was more of an emotional experience for me and less of a visual one.
What impressed me the most was the technicians, with the precision and the knowledge they had. Every hand move was perfect and it was so coordinated, that was really amazing.
Even though I am not the type to visit the circus this was one trip I really enjoyed. If you have the opportunity to see it for yourself really do it is worth it.
Or have you already seen it?


Picture by Brandon Wong

Text by Patrick

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