Pitch Perfect trilogy (with a few spoilers)

Today I want to talk about the Pitch Perfect trilogy, each one on its own and then in comparison, so let’s get started.

Pitch Perfect One.

I, personally, am a big fan of music and his various ways of expressing it. All the different genres, every instrument that exists, electronic beats or solely made by the human voice itself, I really like every aspect of it so a movie which not only focuses on music but also on a method that is not seen so often was a must see movie for me and even though the first movie came out a few years ago I only recently saw it in a follow up of the second movie which is a topic for later discussion. It is a movie about the Barden Bella’s, an acapella group which only consists of Girls that study at the Barden academy.
Pitch Perfect one does, in my opinion, everything right. Yes, you already know what will happen each and every second but what makes this movie so refreshing is the humor and of course the music. You have many individual characters and each of them is presented in a pretty good light. The story evolves in a pretty fast pace but due to the fact that there is more than one person, which means more individual stories, you don’t get bored and you don’t even notice the fast pace.
The music is, of course, used very frequently and in a very good way.
The first part is for me a 7\10.


Pitch Perfect 2

The second part did many things right but also a lot wrong, in my opinion, but still is the best part of the three.
It started the way a Pitch Perfect movie should start. They picked up at a very understandable point where it made absolute sense with the first one and of course the humor was still the same.
Most of the characters were recognizable but also the ones that weren’t introduced, which leads us to the first problem.
Suddenly you see unfamiliar faces, can’t find the old Bella Barden’s and are really happy when you recognize the old ones.
Why throw us new members without introducing them?
Next example is pretty simple.
For the second part, they got YouTube “celebrities” such as the German Beatboxer and comedian Flula and the American acapella band Pentatonix.
Flula had a pretty big role as a German competitor but I was a bit sad that they did not bring Pentatonix into the movie more. There were more than enough ways to do it but okay.
Overall the second part does not stand alone, you need to watch the first movie so you get the connection between these diverse characters and the jokes.
The second part is an 8/10.

Pitch Perfect 3

The newest part which still plays in the cinema.
The beginning is not Pitch perfect but it gets better, let’s start.
It starts with an awkward singing scene which quickly turns into a bad action movie. Yes, the humor is still the same and pretty enjoyable but it didn’t fit quite well. How do I state it without spoiling it?
The story was quite interesting until it got shit trashed for me. There were topics in there that were irrelevant the first two movies so why create new things? In the middle of the movie, it picked up a pretty good “Pitch Perfect” pace and (spoiler) the idea of an a capella group competing against “real” bands who play instruments is a genius idea that could turn really good. So the word could is the problem. They didn’t reach a climax with it and directly dropped it, they could have taken it so far but they didn’t, which resolved in breaking the pace of the movie.
In the third part, DJ Khaled plays a bigger role and he does his job pretty good.
Even if I just complained about the movie I must say it still got me. I walked out of the cinema with a smile and a very happy feeling (could also be that I watched three movies in the cinema on this day).
The third part is also hard to understand if you haven’t seen the first two ones. You can watch it but it won’t be that funny to you as if you had seen every part. For me a 7/10
I enjoyed being part of the Pitch Perfect trilogy through DVD and cinema and can only recommend it to anyone who is interested in music.


Picture by Joshua Fuller

Text by Patrick

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