New Start, Apology

Hello Dear listeners.
I thought the few last days if this blog goes the way I wanted it to go and the answer is no.
This Blog does not exist very long now, we started in November so that makes it now three months, and it starts to grow.
Some of the reasons I don’t feel happy are easy to explain. The worst part for me personally is the “pressure” I put on myself. I give myself the feeling that I HAVE to produce something to a point where I am unhappy with the outcome but still post it and I just have problems writing because in my head I NEED to write something.
I always wanted to build a community, a place where everyone has a voice. You are an artist and don’t know how or where and when to start something our community is here. I want people to find themself. To experiment with stuff and reach new heights, and that is want I want to work to from now on again. We will be posting our stuff normally because we also want to express ourselves and we already started somehow with Articles such as “The Journey” or “My biggest Fear”.First of all I only talk about myself- Patrick- so that affects only posts written by Patrick not by Verena.

Second thing. Not everything is bad, there are also a lot of things that I am pretty proud of I just have this feeling that it goes in a wrong direction and I want to stop it now that I still can.

Third point. As mentioned before we will still post reviews of movies, Series, Dance and theater plays, and many more, so do not worry that it will completely change.

I am sorry for how it turned out (and yes maybe it is not that bad in your eyes but I still want to apologize) and I want to ask your guys for help.
Down below is a Link to a poll and I would like to ask you guys what Topic do you want to see. We will stay true to ourselves but I just want to involve you guys more. And we will not be able to please everyone because we need to fit it in our style and our thoughts which sometimes is pretty hard.So here is the poll. I would be happy to see your answers, and feel free to write your own answer if nothing of that fits you.:

P.S. You can also comment your answer down below.
Picture by Olivier Frahni
Text by Patrick

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