Many of us know the story of Minotaurus. Greek Mythology in which there is a labyrinth, a god, a monster, a hero, and let us not forget a lot of deaths. We all see Minotaurus as some kind of Monster. The beast that just exists in this labyrinth to please the Gods with Sacrifices. But it was the fault of us humans that he ended this way and just to cover it up the King Minoas built the Labyrinth so he can hide his mistake, his treason in front of the God of water Poseidon. Friedrich Dürrenmatt saw a different side of the so-called monster Minotaurus. He saw a child, a fragile being without any knowledge of the outside world. A way too big baby that has never seen humans before, not only humans but other things than his mirror self. And he doesn’t know that these images are just illusions so he is pretty alone without knowing it which makes the story pretty sad. His first time with a human being went of course pretty badly. He can’t control his power and let’s not forget, he is a male monster so he has needs. And suddenly people harm him out of nowhere. He did not do something wrong, or did he? Can we really decide?
or should we just accept the story as it is? all of this is the story of the dance piece I work in right now.
A young Choreographer puts this idea in a Dance and puppet play with masks, and helmets.
I got in only because the actual dancer has a different piece and he asked me but still, I like it.
I like the questioning, and getting into the idea of the “Monster”.
The work with the crew is a bit of a rollercoaster. On the one side, we have an ambitious but really inexperienced Director. The planning is a bit sloppy and the timetable is not really kept but sometimes that is okay. Then we have a young lad who thinks more of what there is to see. I don’t mind if people do not want to get into new stuff, that is absolutely okay, but I dislike it when people brag about having done so much in their life but can’t really separate left and right feet or hand. I, myself, am really bad at measuring length and distance but there are people in this crew that just make me think that I sometimes have a pretty good eye for this (Trust me I am pretty bad)

I don’t want to gossip about anything here because I kind of like them. We will not be perfect buddies but it is okay to work with them and at the end what really matters is the Audience and the show. The Audience must feel the effort and the show must be flawless and there everyone needs to be professional.

If you guys want, live in Germany, Nürnberg Erlangen or somewhere near there the shows are:

Tuesday 30 January 2018
Wednesday 31 January 2018
Thursday 1 February 2018

All shows are at the Experimentier Theater Erlangen, I can’t tell you a specific time yet but I guess it is 19-20 O’clock.
If you live near and wish to come we can all meet.


Picture by Ihor Malytskyi

Text by Patrick

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