Frankenstein, Puppet theater

What is a human?
What is life?
Who decides for whom?
What is fault?
Questions like these does the small puppet theater in Nuremberg ask the Audience in his variation of Frankenstein based on the original Novel (1818) of Mary Shelley, 1797-1851.
Since the End of 2017 I get confronted with this question a lot. What makes a Monster and what makes a man? And I get to see many perspectives on the Theme, today Frankenstein, and I dance the role of Minotaurus at the end of the month based on a Ballad written from Dürrenmat. This Theater goes on for an Hour. It starts with a simple view on a Cello layed on a few wooden blocks. A young man comes in dressed like we dress today casual and then two more people enter the stage. While the first person, a lady wearing a white haired wig, the young man starts playing the Cello. HE does it pretty well and I hope that it won’t stop with just these few moments of playing. Then an older man enters the stage. They start talking and kind of explaining the scenario and they introduce the puppets as characters.
The story was a total different one from what was written in the program. Not one moment in this whole piece was the question asked, to be precise there was only one question asked and then dropped after 2 minutes and the question was: Where is my family? What is family?
The “Monster” asked this question and a few moments later he started killing litle kids. Now that I write about it I can kind of see their way of telling something but it really was awful.
I really don’t want to rite much about it but I will still highlight you the things that made this piece for me so terrible.
It starts with pretty simple detailed things such as the Background was a Wood wallpaper that wasnt even straight. It had clearly visible signs from each pont it was folded and that ruined the “proffesional” feeling a Theater should have.
They treated everything in “old style” they had an old German dialekt and the puppets wore clothes of that century they wanted to represent but the “actors” wore clothes that were “new Style” clothes. Whoever did this had to decide if they chose one or the other but both together did not make it at all.
The way they spoke was often really unclear and first I thought it was my own fault, since I sometimes have hearing problems on one side, but many people did not understand what they said. And the Dialekt he decided to talk in was often pretty slugish. He had problems diferencing the slang young kids use today with the old school german.
The lighting, the spots cut of som many times pieces of the puppet that were pretty important at this moment.
The “Humor” they tried to implement was really bad slapstick comedy. I am not a serious person, I can laugh with the dumbest shit but that was just lame.
They interacted with the musician for some unexplainable reason. There was no reason and out of nowhere they touched him and I don’t know what exactly they did.
They very often did not use the puppets but played as real human beings what takes away the magic of Puppet theater, and when they played as uhman beings they turned their whole back to the audience, which is a definitne no go for me.
The most important reaon for me was that what they said in their program and what we saw had nothing to do with each other. They wrote that this pie is about Frankenstein in the modern Technology, robots, genetic mutations but sadly it die not, even a Little bit fit with the actual description.
I don’t regret seeing this piece but I would not recomend it and definitiv not see it again.
Picture by Pablo Hermoso
Text by Patrick

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