God Eater Anime

The ones that devour God.
Humanities selected “Heroes” ready to wield the enemy and make it move to ones will.
God Arcs. Manipulated Aragami formed into swords and guns to fight against humanities enemy. Aragami.
A world were people get chosen by simple stickers, by a simple test of compatibility. Those who pass, get to enter the city and become God Eaters, those who fail don’t receive any help and are left to die.
This anime’s setting is futuristic and pretty interesting. All the heroes that are shown have their individual reason for fighting, and every time we ask ourselves: “What makes the difference between a man and a monster”.
Is it right to fight with everything we’ve got?
Or should we better just wait for the right time to act?
Or do we surrender to faith?
Is there a right and wrong option this time?
Or will we save humanity?
This was a small special for the anime I watched.
Are you interested in reading more anime reviews?
Leave a comment below and let me know.
Picture by Hieu Vu Minh
Text by Patrick

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