Little Evil Netflix Movie

At some point in our life, we all want to have a family, at least the most of us. The ways of creating a family can vary a lot and so can the reasons for having a family. Some parents adopt a child, some people just make a baby, other children have only one parent or even divorced parents, and in very rare occasions a woman gets raped by a satanic cult and gets a child which is possessed by the Antichrist himself.
In the movie “Little Evil” the last part happens, and the kid pushes and kills every man his mother decides to like. Then she suddenly finds one that even marries her but the problem at this point is that the stepfather did not have much contact with his new son, until now. The movie shows us some cruelty and does not hide the fact of being satanic as well as a comedic. The balance between the jokes, the things that are happening and the music in the background makes you stay focused even though it is kind of over the top. The actors play each role really good and also stereotypes kind of break in the movie. The movie evolves in a neat slow way and suddenly reaches a high climax only followed by the happy end. Some scenes were not really needed but overall this movie was pretty good. The Idea this movie gave to the Audience, a heartwarming family story about the power and importance of the word Family in an absurd way, is given perfectly.
For me, this movie was a 6/10 not great but good. If you want to watch a movie with your family about family then I recommend watching this one.
Picture by Annie Spratt
Text by Patrick

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