Minotaurus play

Some of you might have read the article of our writer Patrick about his

participation in the play „Minotaurus“. After a few months of rehearsals,

it premiered at the end of January. I knew his opinion about the play but
I was still looking forward to watching it. It staged in the so-called
„Experimentiertheater“ in Erlangen which is part of the Friedrich-
Alexander-Universität Erlangen. It‘s not just a Highschool-Production as
you might suppose, but the finishing work of a Theater Science Student
who studied at this University. His work was to direct the play, he
engaged two dancers and cooperated with a figure-play actor.
There was no big audience for this play, most other students and
friends of the participants but that doesn‘t need to be a bad thing.
That‘s just how things work if you are at the very start of your career. I
won‘t tell much about the story as Patrick already did in his article but
to get you the content it tells the story of the Minotaurus, kept in his
Labyrinth trying to deal with the humans who visit him there. The
Minotaurus is shown as an unexperienced Animal who is not
responsible for his actions.
There were many elements of the performance that I quite liked, for
example, the masks or the video-projections and some scenes as well
but in total, I have to say that they weren‘t combined very

harmoniously. It seemed like the director had not the eye for a whole
production like he had many nice ideas but didn‘t know how to build
tension. As if you had a big puzzle and just combined the wrong pieces.
But that will come with experience. As I know the dancers personally
I‘m quite sure they could have done a better job if they had more
freedom in their choreography, it‘s always difficult to direct a dance
play if you never worked with dancers before. What I really didn‘t need
was the figure acting, it was just not necessary to build the plot and it
seemed like they wanted to combine as many theatrical aspects as
possible. Dance, figure play, video-projections, recorded voices, masks,
silence and many many empty breaks and all of this in just one hour.
Maybe you should have better decided for a few of them and worked
them really out instead of using all and just junction them with a break.
Picture by Tertia van Rensburg
Text by Verena

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