Sadness, poverty, money, richness, loneliness, company, family, friends.
But most important… Meaning.
What does is it mean when you utter words like: “I’m fine”, ” I’m sad”, “I’m mad”, or even ” I love you “?
Of course, society has already decided what almost every word means, but what I want to question here is if you, all of you, actually know what you are saying.
How do you define the word ” Good” and not in a society kind of way? What does it mean for you?
When exactly can you say that you are doing good?
What does words like sad, alone, happy or suicidal mean?
Are you just using the words the way school and society told you to?
Or are you afraid of saying a wrong word?
Are you ready to accept the meaning of someone else’s words?
Or do you misunderstand everything because of a different way of talking and understanding?
Is a conversation just an easy way of understanding someone else?
But do you really understand the other person when you discuss something?
All of this does not only apply to words but actions as well.
What does your silence mean?
What does silence make the person in front of you feel?
Whats a hug?
A kiss?
Holding hands?
Jumping, breathing, eating, drinking, having sex or just existing?
What are actions and words if one does not understand what it means for oneself?
Will we forever just accept that a smile is a sign of happiness and tears are sadness?
Or will we one day try to understand each other and not only talk about complex things but about the importance of words.
Why don’t we just ask the person that is precious to us what the words they say mean and why those actions he\she take are so important in his\her life?
When will we understand that words are a heavy burden to bear?
That words can destroy one person?
That every breath has a meaning every and, or, if, I miss you, take care are jewels worth way more than just a breath of air.
Will we someday understand?
Picture by Tim Goedhart
Text by Patrick

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