Jessica Jones

I never was a big fan of superheros like superman, batman and never was a big fan of marvel or DC. I like them but it’s okay. But I still started watching Jesica Jones and yes I am happy I did watch it on Netflix. Even though I can’t really be fully emersed I still learned a lot and questioned a lot about things like, decisions, life its own, family, society and many more things.
The first season managed to catch my interest from the very first episode. Questions occured of who that lady is, what are her Illusions and what is she talking about?
Ater a few Episodes it all starts to make sense and a villain is introduced, Killgrave. I must really say I enjoyed the Villain way more than I did the hero. Was it his power to manipulate anyone by just talking? Or the Actor that shined through? I really don’t know but I just liked him a lot.
The Series follows a clasic patern of an action series. Good guy, bad guy, people die, people survive, black mist of guilt hangs over the good guy and in the end somehow the good guys win. But do they really?
Then I saw that the second season got aired on Netflix so of course I was excited and started watching it.
The second season was in my opinion not really close to the first one. Yes it was a good season but it was not what was promised to us in the first season.
The main question in this season is family. When can I say “I’m sorry”? Or is how far can one person go before giving them up? Is family really so important that you oversee many killing sprees?
Can you forgive your own family? Or better to ask if it is right to forgive so much just because of family.
How far can one go to help?
How much respect must be shown to someone until they leave you forever?
The first season is more action packed, but with really good portions of psychological thinking, maybe because Luke Cage is part of the first season, while the second season is based more on the psychological patern and less action.

For me this series was a good mixture between both and i somehow missed the balance.
It is worth watching if you like a bit of action and don’t have any problems with deaths.

Picture by Scott van Hoy
Text by Patrick

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