Japan, Osaka, the year is 1954.

The Yakuza rule over the city and in prisons your only way of getting out is through suicide. Not your own death but the attempt. That is pretty much the begging of this movie.

Outsider is a movie about an ex-military American Man, even though we never learn much about him, who finds himself between the war of two Yakuza families. The Shiromatsu and the Kobe Family.

It is a violent movie in which death scenes are seen in plain sight, what for me does count as something negative, for me it supports the depth and the darkness that this movie has to offer.

The mysterious vibes coming from our American Hero Nick, which is played by Jared Leto, or the original japanese Actors that make this movie the beautiful Art piece it is.

This movie made me think again of something we see as something absolute normal nowadays, Tattoos.

For some people tattoos are something important, a statement, a story, while for others it is just art. I am okay with both options but we sometimes forget that in other continents Tattoos have a much more deep meaning.

I have heard, more than once, that in Japan it is not well seen if you walk around with your tattoos in plain sight and that in gyms or various other places you have to cover them, because of the Yakuza fear.

That is a pretty scary but alo intteresting thought as a whole.

The movie also showed the imprtance of Family and loyalty, at least to that time but I am sure that today is not much different.

The movie was a really good movie, action packed, many aspects to think about, good actors but it had one flaw.

The end was a really open end and I hate that. It did not promise a continuation but neither an end, and that feeling is awfull for me.

Overal this movie was a 8\10. I can really recomend it.

Picture by Nomao Saeki

Text by Patrick

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