Message from the King

The movie starts with a blurred image of a person on the beach and a female voice calling for help.

We learn that her Name is Bianca and she has something for what she is chased.

Next thing we know a South African man wants to get into America.

Soon enough we find out that Jacob King, the protagonist, is searching for his Sister Bianca King.

This movie is a good balance between action packed fighting scenes and relaxed scenes in which we learn the story of Bianca and Jacob.

A straightforward movie which does not leave any questions unaswered and flows really smooth.

AIt has a few aspects that creep you out such as pedophile bad guys, and corrupt humans who only long for money.

The good part is that nothing to extreme is shown but you still hate the bad guys even though they do not show much of theyr deeds.

What I also found really interesting was that they answered questions in the end that I did not realy have at the begining, like why Jacob was not chased by the police after what he did but it all makes sense in the end.

Overall the movie is a 7\10.

The Actors were really good, the atmosphere was build up smoothly but with intense precision, the dialogs were insiring and showed a side of where they lived in a different kind of way.

If you are looking for an action movie which is straight forward but still kind of suprises you then Message from the King is the right one.

Picture by Zulmaury Saavedra

Text by Patrick

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