A movie I wanted to watch for a really long time and finally did.

Am I pleased? Yes I am.

Is it a good movie? It is really good.


I first watched Kingsman and I must say it reminded me a lot of Kingsman, but that does not make the movie worse.

Our protagonist is a pretty misserable guy.

He hates his Job, has anxiety attacks, his girlfriend cheats on him with his friend from work, and he is broke.

It does not take long until Angelina Jolie comes up and tries to save him from the bad guy, and so he is intoduced to an over 1000 years old kult. The fraternity, a “family” of assasins of chosen people who can control their adrenalin and have way faster reflexes than normal humans. It is not really based on truth so yes it is a sci fi movie with bad CGI sometimes.

They start telling him about his past, his father, and a few more things which at first are believed, but are this the final facts?

It has a few plot twists that are pretty clear to be seen and some of them are just plain sad.

The story is good told and is suported with music in a really good kind of way which is a good alternative to screams and shooting guns.

The only thing that this movie did not impress me with was that there are still questions open.

Things I don’t understand and would like an explanation, from the names that some of the guys had up to things that happened.

Overall this movie is a 8,7\10.

I have two rats at home, and in this movie Rats are being sacrificed what is not a nice thing to do or to see, but I could oversee it for the sake of this movie.

If you have an immense problem with CGI animals exploding than you better not watch it.

Picture by Athena Lam

Text by Patrick

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