If your life gets the worst of you what would you like to do?

Leave the place you live and go on a Roadtrip.

What stops you from leaving? Money, you don’t have enough money.

But what if your alcoholic Grandma has more than enough money for you two to make that roadtrip?

You just live the adventure.

That is the main story of Tammy.

A crazy Woman whose life is turning upside down. A deer jumps in front of her car which after that started breaking down, she gets fired from her Job, and her Husband is dating someone else in her own house.

So she returns to her mothers house and just wants to leave the place so her Grandma joins her, not that she had any choice at all.

A funny movie which shows us that life can suck at some times but we ought to see that there are always good sides in it. There will always be some light in the Chaos you just have to stay focused. Life is not great as a whole but it is something we should enjoy.

Many failures await Tammy and her Grandma Pearl, from Sex escapades, to wrecking a Jet ski, near death expriences, and only one destination. Niagara Falls.

Will they arrive safe?

What will they find or lose on their way?

An comedy packed adventure raodtrip in which music just fits perfectly with every scene.

Overall this movie is fro me an 9,3\10

Funny, if you like that kind of humor, gives of a lot of feelings, the music just pushes everything to a beautiful climax, the actors just play great.  A Movie worth seeing.

Picture by Matt Duncan

Text by Patrick

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