Playlist Number 18

  1. The Harder the Ground- Glode
  2. Don’t want to Go Now- EndLessSecond
  3. Schnee von gestern- MATU
  4. Narben Akustik- GLORIA
  5. Scared- Eveline
  6. Fool Me Once- Little Rose REmix- Y’Akoto, Little Rose
  7. Deep Water- Adam Wendler
  8. Island- bvd kult ft. Will Heggadon
  9. In Gedanken- Batomae
  10. Worry- MaJLo
  11. Keine Zeit mehr verliern- Dreierpropeller
  12. Roamer- VARLEY
  13. Dusk Till Dawn- Ben Schuller
  14. Work On Me- The Tech Thieves
  15. Run To You- Tom Gregory


On playlist 20 a small something will come in play so be sure to check it out and stay focused.

Picture by Simone Acquaroli


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