Some of you might like gambling, poker, roulete, and other card games or games where you have to bet something, sometimes even your own life. And some of you may be addicted to gambling, you like the adrenaline and the rush that leaving everything to a brink of luck, in the hands of fate.

What if there was a high school in which you could do exactly this, in which the outcome of gambling has a heavy consequence for your future?

That is the anime Kakegurui.

An anime in which gambling is the only option, if you lose to much money you get to be a pussy.

Pussy in that context is somebody who has to do everything the others say because he\she has lost all of her money and so her worth in this school.

The Series resolves around one girl Yumeko who is madly addicted to gambling and she decides to take over the school just so she can play against the strongest. On her way to that point she finds friends such as Ryota who is prett bad at gambling. Mary who loses against Yumeko in the first episode.

It is not a great anime and sometimes I had to push myself to keep watching but it was a nice change from all the “normal” stuff I watched. It has a different kind of feeling even for an Anime and that is what got me kind of hooked on it.

Picture by Esteban Lopez

Text by Patrick

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