Bad Boy of Ballet

Today we will talk about a dancer, who got famous not only for his work but by the scandals he was causing. Sergei Polounin is probably one of the best male ballet dancers nowadays, he was born in Ukraine and trained there and in Kiew until he changed to the Royal Ballet School in London.... Continue Reading →

Artist number 2 Claudia

My name is Claudia. I'm 31 years old and i live and work in Germany. I'm a fine art photographer. Sometimes a dark mood and sometimes ironic. 1. Do you visit art museums? If yes got any favorite ones? --I don't visit art museums. Sometimes I visit little exhibitions of uknown artists in Berlin. 2.... Continue Reading →

Artist number 1 Laurie

We are starting something new today. From this week on we will present you artists that we find interesting and ask them a few questions. This month the questions will mostly be the same but you can be sure that the answers are pretty different. So be sure to tune in every Monday and find... Continue Reading →

H.R. Giger

Hans Ruedi "H.R." Giger born on 5 February 1940 in Chur, Graubünden, Switzerland was a painter which died on the 12 of May 2014. His style and artwork were adapted in many media forms such as movies, furniture, tattoos, and record albums. He was best known for his airbrush painting in which he linked machines... Continue Reading →

Ikko Tanaka

Ikko Tanaka (born 1930 in Nara City-2002) is still considered one of Japan's most influential graphic designers. He founded his studio (Ikko Tanaka design Studio) in Tokyo in 1963 and a year later he took part in documenta 3.  His diverse oeuvre ranges from book designs and typographic experiments via art direction for companies like... Continue Reading →

Benjamin and Brecht. Thinking in Extremes

"Benjamin and Brecht. Thinking in Extremes" is an exhibition shown at the Akademie der Künste Berlin from 26.10.2017 until 28.01.2018. It invites to get to know the friendship between Walter Benjamin and Bertolt Brecht, two very different representatives of Literature at the beginning of the 20th century. Brecht was a famous author and rationalist he... Continue Reading →

Nils Frahm

  Nils Frahm, born on 20th September 1982 and raised near Hamburg, Germany is a musician, composer and record producer based in Berlin, Germany. He is known for his own style of combining classical and electronic music. He combines different Kinds of Piano and Drum machines such as Roland Juno-60, Rhodes piano, Moog Taurus and... Continue Reading →

Milo Rau

Milo Rau is one of the most impressive theater directors, essayists and theater authors of our times. His work is always current and often different from what you might expect. Many of his works thematize historical tragedies or controversial problems which are still important for our society. He stages them in unusual contexts such as... Continue Reading →

Beatrice “Trixie” Cordua

Beatrice Cordua is one of these people who has seen it all. Not one of those whom you might know because the media follow each and every step of them but one who has lived their life to the fullest and became a piece of art in human form. I wouldn’t only call her a... Continue Reading →

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