Minotaurus play

Some of you might have read the article of our writer Patrick about his participation in the play „Minotaurus“. After a few months of rehearsals, it premiered at the end of January. I knew his opinion about the play but I was still looking forward to watching it. It staged in the so-called „Experimentiertheater“ in... Continue Reading →


Many of us know the story of Minotaurus. Greek Mythology in which there is a labyrinth, a god, a monster, a hero, and let us not forget a lot of deaths. We all see Minotaurus as some kind of Monster. The beast that just exists in this labyrinth to please the Gods with Sacrifices. But... Continue Reading →

Flic Flac

Acrobats, Motorcycle stunts, Flexible Dancers are all part of a German circus called Flic Flac. It was all the idea of Benno and Lothar Kastein, ex-artists, who decided to create a circus that was completely different to what the world knew to the point of the premiere which was October 5, 1989, in Oberhausen. Since... Continue Reading →

Out of Joint / Partita 1

Laurent Chétouane is for sure no „typical“ choreographer. He first studied engineering before he found his real passion for the theater. This might be the reason why his pieces have sometimes these untypical subjects. His latest work is “Out of Joint / Partita 1” which I could see at its premiere at Hebbel am Ufer,... Continue Reading →

If you could see me now

This Saturday I had the great opportunity to watch a really beautiful performance from the choreographer Arno Schuitemaker which I also met personally. Arno Schuitemaker is a famous Dutch choreographer and dancer based in Amsterdam who has played in more than 15 European theater stages. The piece that was played was his new piece "If... Continue Reading →

Ballet in Cinema

Today I don’t want to tell you about one specific play but about a possibility to see first-class productions worldwide. Many cinemas in different countries offer the possibility to watch transmissions of Ballets, Operas or Concerts. Pathé Live is a French contributor for event Cinema and has built such impressive cooperation like the Bolshoi Theatre... Continue Reading →

Da Da Ist. Wir Sind.

Da Da Is. We Are. What are we? We are Da Da. Are We Da? Da We Is. „Da Da Ist. Wir Sind.“ is a dance performance by Wilde Verwandte Produktionen / Barbara Bess a Dancer Collective based in Nuremberg. It invites us to be part of an evening full of Improvisation, Community and Individuality.... Continue Reading →

Birthday- A Hikikomori Story

This Piece is about a Mother (Susanna Curtis) who has to raise her Son (Johannes Walter) on her own. She plans a Birthday party for her Son, Konstantin, but he is to confined in his own world, which s the Virtual World. The reason of his confinement is his Sickness which is called Hikikomori. Hikikomori... Continue Reading →

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