euro-scene part 4

Vangelo - The Best German Dance Solo This is the last part of our dossier about this years euro scene. For this final session I wanted to keep something extraordinary. Pippo Delbonos play „Vangelo“ accompanied me since I left my seat at the theater last week. I was prepared to see exuberance and exaggeration but... Continue Reading →

euro-scene part 3

5 Easy Pieces - Cosas que se olvidan fácilmente Today I want to introduce you to two very special plays of the euro-scene. Both impressed with their atmosphere and coherence no spectator could evade. "5 Easy Pieces" from Milo Rau was probably one of the most controversial performances recently. The setting is quite simple, you... Continue Reading →

euro-scene part 2

Von Serenata zum Totentanz – Bombyx Mori Round two of our festival report. Today I want to present you two dance performances who represent the festival topic „Excavations“ in two different ways. We start with the mixed evening "Von Serenata zum Totentanz" with works of the three choreographers Gret Palucca, Marianne Vogelsang and Mary Wigman.... Continue Reading →

euro-scene part 1

The Triadic Ballet - Two Giraffes Dance Tango / Bremen Steps Last tuesday was the opening night of euro-scene Leipzig, a festival for contemporary theater and dance in Leipzig. The first dance piece of this week full of plays was „The Triadic Ballet“ and took place at Schauspiel Leipzig. The atmosphere while entering the old... Continue Reading →

euro-scene Leipzig

Today we want to introduce you to euro-scene Leipzig a dance and theater festival that will be hosted in Leipzig next week (07.-12.11.17). The main theme of the festival will be "excavations" and in terms of bringing art history back to live there will be some reconstructions of milestone productions. If you ever wanted to... Continue Reading →

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