Some of you might like gambling, poker, roulete, and other card games or games where you have to bet something, sometimes even your own life. And some of you may be addicted to gambling, you like the adrenaline and the rush that leaving everything to a brink of luck, in the hands of fate. What... Continue Reading →


If your life gets the worst of you what would you like to do? Leave the place you live and go on a Roadtrip. What stops you from leaving? Money, you don't have enough money. But what if your alcoholic Grandma has more than enough money for you two to make that roadtrip? You just... Continue Reading →


A movie I wanted to watch for a really long time and finally did. Am I pleased? Yes I am. Is it a good movie? It is really good. Wanted. I first watched Kingsman and I must say it reminded me a lot of Kingsman, but that does not make the movie worse. Our protagonist... Continue Reading →

Message from the King

The movie starts with a blurred image of a person on the beach and a female voice calling for help. We learn that her Name is Bianca and she has something for what she is chased. Next thing we know a South African man wants to get into America. Soon enough we find out that... Continue Reading →


Japan, Osaka, the year is 1954. The Yakuza rule over the city and in prisons your only way of getting out is through suicide. Not your own death but the attempt. That is pretty much the begging of this movie. Outsider is a movie about an ex-military American Man, even though we never learn much... Continue Reading →

Jessica Jones

I never was a big fan of superheros like superman, batman and never was a big fan of marvel or DC. I like them but it's okay. But I still started watching Jesica Jones and yes I am happy I did watch it on Netflix. Even though I can't really be fully emersed I still... Continue Reading →

God Eater Anime

The ones that devour God. Humanities selected "Heroes" ready to wield the enemy and make it move to ones will. God Arcs. Manipulated Aragami formed into swords and guns to fight against humanities enemy. Aragami. A world were people get chosen by simple stickers, by a simple test of compatibility. Those who pass, get to... Continue Reading →

Little Evil Netflix Movie

At some point in our life, we all want to have a family, at least the most of us. The ways of creating a family can vary a lot and so can the reasons for having a family. Some parents adopt a child, some people just make a baby, other children have only one parent... Continue Reading →

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