Decisions. Life. Chaos. Sadness, poverty, money, richness, loneliness, company, family, friends. Words. Feelings. But most important... Meaning. What does is it mean when you utter words like: "I'm fine", " I'm sad", "I'm mad", or even " I love you "? Of course, society has already decided what almost every word means, but what I... Continue Reading →

New Start, Apology

Hello Dear listeners. I thought the few last days if this blog goes the way I wanted it to go and the answer is no. This Blog does not exist very long now, we started in November so that makes it now three months, and it starts to grow. Some of the reasons I don't... Continue Reading →

My biggest fear

Hello dear Listeners, Right now I wanna share with you something for various reasons. 1. That you see you are not alone out there. 2. To get things off my mind.   I will start in the past, so let us begin. I was in an educational dance program 2013 in Germany Nürnberg. This program... Continue Reading →

Fotos (German Self-written story)

Ich öffnete meine Augen. Eine Menschen menge vor mir und alle weinten. Ich schaue genauer hin und erkenne meine Familie und freunde. Meine Mutter direkt vorne kniend, meine Freundin nimmt Sie in arm und versucht Sie zu trösten, mein bester Freund kämpft gegen jede einzelne träne während er die Hand seiner Freundin hält. Ganz viele... Continue Reading →

The Journey

These last days were pretty unplanned and moving for me. Although I live in Germany where I was born and where I lived my whole life there is some part of me that is connected to a country that is so different from my home that I can hardly believe it. Have you ever been... Continue Reading →

Taxi Drive pt 3

Finally my blockade is released and so I can now proudly present you the continuation of my story. Hope you guys enjoy it.   I wanted to ask so many questions, I was completely lost. I didn't know where exactly I was, who this girl was, why I was here, just everything happened so fast... Continue Reading →

The perfect world for me

Hello listeners, I am still stuck and I can't continue writing my story "Taxi Drive", even though I have many ideas and I already know in my head how it continues I'm just kind of blocked. I apologize for that. I decided to answer you a question I had a lot of times " What... Continue Reading →

Black Survival

Today I want to present you a Game. A mobile game that is now also available on Steam for the PC but only for Windows. A game developed and published by ARCHBEARS for Android called Black Survival. What is this game? It is a Fantasy- Sci-fi survival, real-time, online game. You are an experiment and... Continue Reading →

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