New Start, Apology

Hello Dear listeners. I thought the few last days if this blog goes the way I wanted it to go and the answer is no. This Blog does not exist very long now, we started in November so that makes it now three months, and it starts to grow. Some of the reasons I don't... Continue Reading →

Black Survival

Today I want to present you a Game. A mobile game that is now also available on Steam for the PC but only for Windows. A game developed and published by ARCHBEARS for Android called Black Survival. What is this game? It is a Fantasy- Sci-fi survival, real-time, online game. You are an experiment and... Continue Reading →

Leatherback Turtle

Leatherback Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) is the biggest Turtle and the only member of the Dermochelyidae Family. She lives in Tropic and subtropic Waters like North America, Carribean, South Amerika, India, Australia and much more. They can get up to 2,5 Meters Long and weight almost 700 Kg. They can dive up to 1200 Meter deep... Continue Reading →

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