Minotaurus play

Some of you might have read the article of our writer Patrick about his participation in the play „Minotaurus“. After a few months of rehearsals, it premiered at the end of January. I knew his opinion about the play but I was still looking forward to watching it. It staged in the so-called „Experimentiertheater“ in... Continue Reading →

Frankenstein, Puppet theater

What is a human? What is life? Who decides for whom? What is fault? Questions like these does the small puppet theater in Nuremberg ask the Audience in his variation of Frankenstein based on the original Novel (1818) of Mary Shelley, 1797-1851. Since the End of 2017 I get confronted with this question a lot.... Continue Reading →

Die Maßnahme / Die Perser

Last Saturday I saw „Die Maßnahme / Die Perser“ at Schauspiel Leipzig directed by Enrico Lübbe. The evening united two very different plays of as well very different authors. “Die Maßnahme” is a play by Bertolt Brecht which premiered 1930. It’s about a communist party and the loss of individuality for the cause. The story... Continue Reading →


"Mateluna" is a commissioned work by Hebbel am Ufer, a theater in Berlin, and was created by Guillermo Calderón for the festival "The Aesthetics of Resistance - Peter Weiss 100". The premiere took place on 28.09.2016 in Berlin. The work-in-progress play focuses on Jorge Mateluna, a former guerrilla fighter who has been in jail since... Continue Reading →


Are you sure what is right or wrong? Would you kill innocent people to save thousands of lifes? And if anyone does, is that illegal? In Ferdinand von Schirach's play "Terror" the audience has to ask all these questions. The main character Lars Koch is a military pilot, who shot down a passenger aircraft which... Continue Reading →

Conversations Out of Place

Four performers and a plant. Isn't that enough to say? In Ivana Müllers new production "Conversations Out of Place," you can see everything and nothing. It offers a room to think about our world, nature, humans and what connects us all without telling us the answers. It leaves a sufficient enough gap for your own... Continue Reading →

We are still watching

Almost 50 strangers enter a room with 50 chairs surrounding an empty square which might be the stage. Everyone seems to be a little lost because the seat numbers are distributed randomly. After finding their seat a reader introduces the rules for this evening. There won't be any artists or performers, no actors nor dancers.... Continue Reading →

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