Tanzplattform 2018 – Part 1

Dear listeners, As I told you I visited Tanzplattform 2018, a festival of contemporary dance. These last days have been inspiring, full of thoughts and opened a lot of questions. I had a pretty full schedule with discussions and talks in the morning then 2 to 3 performances throughout the afternoon and evening. The main... Continue Reading →

Playlist Number 12

After A long Time we return with our weekly Playlists. Got any wishes or suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment or contact us.   Leave a light on- Tom Walker Be your love- Bishop Briggs World gone Mad- Bastille Survivor- Tim Halperin Run to you- Tom Gregory Storm- Mighty Oaks Waiting here- Jake Isaac... Continue Reading →

Tanzplattform Deutschland

Dear Listeners, In a few days something I have been looking forward to for a while will take place. I will visit the Tanzplattform Deutschland, that‘s the biggest dance festival here in Germany. I am lucky enough that the University Leipzig will sponsor the trip (Thank you!) and most of the tickets as I am... Continue Reading →


Decisions. Life. Chaos. Sadness, poverty, money, richness, loneliness, company, family, friends. Words. Feelings. But most important... Meaning. What does is it mean when you utter words like: "I'm fine", " I'm sad", "I'm mad", or even " I love you "? Of course, society has already decided what almost every word means, but what I... Continue Reading →

Minotaurus play

Some of you might have read the article of our writer Patrick about his participation in the play „Minotaurus“. After a few months of rehearsals, it premiered at the end of January. I knew his opinion about the play but I was still looking forward to watching it. It staged in the so-called „Experimentiertheater“ in... Continue Reading →

Playlist of the Week 11

Sweet Design- Sia The Hills- The Weeknd Honest- The Chainsmokers Don't Let me get me- James Gillespie Scared to Be Lonely- Grace Grundy Chemicals- Dean Lewis The Vilage- Wrabel Work on Me- The Tech Thieves Just You and I- Tom Walker For The Love- Hearts & Colors Rooftop- Nico Santos Break My Habits- Topic Place... Continue Reading →

God Eater Anime

The ones that devour God. Humanities selected "Heroes" ready to wield the enemy and make it move to ones will. God Arcs. Manipulated Aragami formed into swords and guns to fight against humanities enemy. Aragami. A world were people get chosen by simple stickers, by a simple test of compatibility. Those who pass, get to... Continue Reading →

Little Evil Netflix Movie

At some point in our life, we all want to have a family, at least the most of us. The ways of creating a family can vary a lot and so can the reasons for having a family. Some parents adopt a child, some people just make a baby, other children have only one parent... Continue Reading →

Frankenstein, Puppet theater

What is a human? What is life? Who decides for whom? What is fault? Questions like these does the small puppet theater in Nuremberg ask the Audience in his variation of Frankenstein based on the original Novel (1818) of Mary Shelley, 1797-1851. Since the End of 2017 I get confronted with this question a lot.... Continue Reading →

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